onsdag 22 augusti 2007

Amway UK reminds us what a great company Amway can be

Amway United Kingdom & Ireland has been undergoing some challenges this year, with an investigation by the DTI (now BERR) into Amway's business being triggered by a concerted campaign by Amway critics on the internet. In response to the risk of having the business shut down, Amway UK & Ireland put in place a freeze on all sponsoring and the use of unauthorised BSM (Business Support Materials). Retailing of products was still permissible.

As you can imagine, such a freeze and uncertainty could easily have quite disastrous effects on the growth of individual IBOs businesses. Perhaps those most greatly affected would be those IBOs striving to achieve Platinum and above and their associated rewards, such as free incentive trips.

While there's been some ongoing conflict between IBOs and Quixtar in the United States, Amway UK & Ireland has stepped up to take care of IBOs in this situation, changing and simplifying the requirements to qualify for various bonuses and trips this year. Below is the letter from Amway UK branch manager Tom Denham to all Platinums and above -

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